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Drive outputs, drive types

We provide worldwide support for the complete power range of drive systems previously shipped by Bm Elektronik GmbH – from approx. 30 kW to 4200 kW system output and from 230 VAC to 1000 VAC (low voltage) – as well as for frequency converters as a subcontractor of Vacon, mostly in southern Germany.

We supply DC drives (test bench applications), three-phase AC drives, five-phase AC drives (mainly for sugar centrifuges and for outputs greater than 1 MW), six-phase AC drives (two systems with a phase offset of 30°) and power failure-proof wound rotor drives with a subsynchronous converter cascade as well as single, two and four-quadrant converter drives. All standard Bm I converters are suitable for four-quadrant operation. We also stock non-reactive and low-harmonic drive systems, current controlled IGBT converters, voltage controlled pulse converters and electronic reversing switches for screw press drives.



Complete electronic module
The converter’s command centre.